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Today in class of Jory we saw 3 types of movie shots , they are:

Close up Shot (c\s):Close-ups are used in many ways, for many reasons. Close-ups are often used as cutaways from a more distant shot to show detail, such as characters’ emotions, or some intricate activity with their hands. Close cuts to characters’ faces are used far more often in television than in movies; they are especially common in soap operas. For a director to deliberately avoid close-ups may create in the audience an emotional distance from the subject matter.

Medium Shot (m\s): show a subject’s upper-body, arms, and head.

Medium Wide shot (mw\s): shows a subject usually cut off a cross the legs above or just below the knees.

Medium Wide Shot

Wide Shot (w\s): Shows an entire subject from head to toe.

Extreme Wide Shot (ew\s): shots a broad view of the surroundings around the subject and conveys scale, distance, and geographic location.



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